Document Retrieval

What Is Document Retrieval?

Document retrieval is, put simply, the process of finding where certain legal documents are located, and then retrieving any necessary copies of those legal documents.

In many cases, this process is a little more complex than simply calling up a courthouse and asking for copies of a specific item. You may not know where the documents are located, or the case number, and there even may be specific authorizations required to get the information.

When it comes to finding the documents you need, our team ensures that we understand the various rules and laws in each jurisdiction.

We use various databases and other sources of information to find the documents you need, submitting all proper forms and speaking to just the right people to get answers. This gets the correct documents into your hands faster than if you were to conduct the research yourself, leaving you open to focus on all the other important aspects of your case.

With document retrieval services, we can help you track down nearly any type of legal document that is public record.

Some common documents we are asked to retrieve include:

  • Marriage licenses
  • Death certificates
  • Birth certificates Complaints
  • Property transfers
  • Land records
  • Deeds
  • Orders of judgment
  • Divorce records
  • Publicly available evidence
  • Subpoenas

Many of our clients turn to our document retrieval services to help them save time while getting the information they need.

Rather than forcing someone on their team to spend hours searching online and waiting on the phone, our team can handle the whole document retrieval process, allowing them to work on their case.